Car Control in Car Parking Multiplayer – Detailed guide

Car control within the Car Parking Multiplayer is a pivotal aspect, and control customization is the game’s true charm. Given the diverse user preferences worldwide, some are inclined towards arrow control, while others favor tilt control.

In this session, our focus shifts to the Control & UI of the car parking multiplayer game.

Car Control in Car Parking Multiplayer – Detailed guide


Complete control customization is a highlight in this game, enabling users to tailor controls to their preferences.


Within this game, an arrow control option exists. If steering or tilting proves challenging, this might be ideal. Notably, you can tilt the car at any angle without gripping the screen. However, it lacks the real driving sensation provided by the steering wheel.


Wheel Control is universally embraced in gaming due to its authentic driving sensations. This mode is especially recommended for those seeking an immersive drifting experience. To enhance your enjoyment, securing top-tier cars is paramount. You can achieve this either by utilizing a modded game version or by obtaining free game accounts, opening up a world of possibilities.

This feature isn’t advisable for beginners due to the challenge of maneuvering vehicles using the steering wheel.

Car Control in Car Parking Multiplayer – Detailed guide

Tilt: control, while slightly challenging, offers the most enjoyable control experience.

 Car Control in Car Parking Multiplayer Other Option

An additional control option known as “Steering Sensitivity” is available. This setting regulates the responsiveness of the steering wheel.

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