How to Sell Car in Car Parking Multiplayer

Fancy yourself as a car trader in a Car Parking Multiplayer? This game is far from your usual racing and parking affair. Get ready for an extraordinary twist – you can actually sell your cars to fellow players and purchase vehicles from players worldwide. Remember, there are specific rules to follow when selling your wheels.

How to Sell Car in Car Parking Multiplayer

Selling Protocols

  • Alright, here’s the scoop: Your car needs a bit of time to marinate in the virtual world for about a month.
  • your car gets the thumbs-down, it’s a one-way street – no second chances for selling. It’s like a little lesson in preparing your car to shine its brightest before it goes on a new adventure with a new owner.

How To Sell a Car

In Car Parking Multiplayer Selling cars might not be as tricky as launching a rocket, but it seems like some players are feeling a bit lost in the parking lot. The thing is, they’re trying to sell brand-new cars right off the assembly line, and that’s a no-go. You’ve got to give your ride a little TLC and upgrades to fetch a sweet price. So, let’s break it down, step by step, and clear up the confusion.

  • Time to hit the Garage! Tap that cart icon.
  • Boom – “Worldwide Car Sale” pops up.
  • Fill details, set a price, and hit “Send For Review.”
  • Wait a bit – “Your Car is Now on Review.”
  • Ta-da! “Congratulations. Your Car Sold.”
  • You did it! Virtual car-selling champ!
How To Sell a Car

Sell Car in Car Parking Multiplayer through Facebook

Here’s a cool twist: Besides selling cars in the game, you can take things up a notch and sell them on platforms like good old Facebook. Imagine that – mingling with thousands of players in groups where cars are the stars. And guess what? This time, it’s not just virtual coins – real money’s in play, making it a sleeker way to roll in the deals.

Facebook Group

Here is the Group. Find

Important Point

Navigating unofficial routes can be a gamble, and there’s no shortage of scammers prowling in Facebook groups, often targeting newcomers. To play it safe, the smart move is to go through the group admin. Reach out to them, lay out the deal, and get their nod of approval. And for an extra layer of security, consider involving a third person you can trust for a smooth transaction.

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